Magellan “Luck”
Magellan “Luck”

Magellan “Luck”

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Every bracelet has a story behind.

You can see  octopus on the clasp – our brand logo. On the sides you can find coded year of first circumnavigation in 1522 by Magellan expedition. The unique clasp that resembles a piece of rope (as a symbol of the connection between past, present and future) consists of a 5-turns, to the number of ships that came out in the first round-the-world journey: Trinidad, San Antonio, Concepcion, Santiago and Victoria.

Leather bracelet, made of high quality leather, which retains its color and was tested for durability.

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Sterling silver 925
Natural leather
14 pieces silver beads, from which the encoded word "Luck"
Magnetic clasp*

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*It is prohibited to fall into water/sea in Morza bracelet, stand firmly on the deck of the ship