About us


Sometimes you run, get lost in a crowd of people without a goal, being on the way without a final destination. But it is not only your problem. Humanity is always in a hurry - to reduce the distance, it sought to speed up the time. One of such attempts was the Morse code. With that, almost 200 years ago, we were able to convey the message instantly and crossed oceans, thousands of miles away and hundreds of travel hours. The first time in history, the world has become for the people, not everything, but only part of the universe. Searching such an anchor in the past, we decided to create an anchor for the future. Exactly born MORZA bracelets - points the way. Using Morse code (a set of beads, that symbolize the dot and dash. "" "-") You code dream, goal, future plans in your bracelet. And every time you look at it, you will remember why you're here, why you woke up today and where is your next destination point.


My name is Eugene Kuzmin, I am an entrepreneur. The Morza brand is an expression of my sense and spirit.

I’ve been working for many years in big companies and started my career from a junior specialist to a senior position. However, I felt discomfort that I didn’t have an opportunity to realize my full potential. For this reason, something inside me like a small flame lightly started to light up.

I’ve always had a dream to have my own business, my own brand in the development of which my creativity would not be limited by corporating rules and structure. Where I could be responsible for all decisions, where during the creation of a new product I won’t need to wait for confirmation of all company departments.

While I was developing in the personal and business of directions, I acquired skills to transform my dreams into goals. However, there was one small problem - I was always defocused and often lost sight of my goals in daily routine. Keeping your goals in mind often is not enough. I wanted something like a symbol of my dreams to have with me. While I was traveling all around the world I figured out that it becomes more popular among men to wear bracelets. In one of my trips, I noticed my observation about it.

I attended many business events and as a result, it gave me new acquaintances.

At one of the events, I met sailors who decided to become jewelers. This casual acquaintance struck up a friendship.

One evening I was talking with my friend and I caught an idea that led me to realize my dream to have own business. I have combined my observations about the trend of wearing bracelets and my own goals to have a reminder about purpose. The idea to create a bracelet in which you can have your dream and no one will be able to find out about it came up. I came to my old mate sailors jewelers with such an idea.

So such the brand Morza bracelet was born. The bracelet indicates the way to your dream and goal.



We always want to get more out of life, more from every moment. But once this mad race to nowhere changed direction and we started to think about the long-term pleasure. What prevents the realization of our desires? What prevents us to move on? And in an instant, everything changed. We have created a MORZA philosophy. Welcome!